52 Rolls Week 14:52

Another Adventure….This time with Ilford SFX 200.  I’d tried some of this film last year. Finally figuring out that it worked better for me to use an IR 695 filter, rather than a dark red filter.  The real IR filter allows the fuzzy infrared effects to come through.  So the images taken with the dark red filter are crisper, because they do not capture much of the infrared.

Here’s a selection from two rolls of film from a recent outing around our town.  First Donald working with the Burke and James Press Camera:

And our IR absorbing blue jeep.


Old Railroad trestle near Coal Creek.  A place we visited early last year.

And some silky water along Coal Creek:



And ending with a panorama photomerge of the Northern Front Range:


Tech Info: Mamiya 7 with Ilford SFX-200 film using the IR 695 filter.  Developed and scanned by Old School Photo Lab.



5 thoughts on “52 Rolls Week 14:52

  1. These are great. I love IR and have experimented a lot in the past. I agree this film is easier to use with the lighter red filter, and avoids the focusing and metering diffficulties inherent in the darker filter. I’m inspired to try again as I haven’t used this stuff in a couple of years.


  2. These are much better results than what I was expecting. It would be interesting to shoot both the standard IR and the SFX side by side to better see the difference.


  3. I did use the IR 695 filter (aka IR-B) recommended for this Film. However I avoided the focussing problems (looking through a really dark filter) by using a Rangefinder and dialing in the +2 filter factor. That way I can focus with the Rangefinder but still have the darker IR filter.


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