16 / 52 rolls.net

I dont want to make this to long a story  and bore you, but I’ve been wanting a Hasselblad 500 c/m for a long time and that time has come and I am one HAPPY camper!! Yes I have a sickness…oh well, but I had said to myself its time to start focusing more on one camera, now I can do that with the Hasselblad…and I see myself using this one only for quite sometime.So today the job had me in Mystic Connecticut,at the seaport.Of course New England weather, but had to shoot a roll today.One problem I had was they came out nice, but for some reason only 8 pics…..big space in the beginning….could I have wound the film on to much,I don’t know, but will be watching next one, also seems to be a bigger space between some of the pics, not sure about that either.img269-EditThis was the first pic I took with it the night before in the hotel.

I have to say Im pretty pleased with the results…. this will be my go to camera for sometime now!!! Thanks for looking!

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  1. Hi Andre, welcome to the sick ward. I have the same illness! Let’s get together possibly next weekend or we may be doing a photo walk through the RI Photography page on FB (you should join). I can give you some tips on using the Hasselblad. It sounds like you may have wound the film on too far when loading resulting in only 8 frames. Inconsistent spacing is fairly normal but if you feel the film is not advancing smoothly (you will feel a “grinding”) sensation as you advance between shots, then the back may need service. Here is a good article written by David O’Dess on Hasselblads and maintenance and checking on them. http://www.david-odess.com/faq.html. Lou.

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    • Thanks for the info Lou…I’ll let you know about next weekend, hopefully I can… I will join the RI Photography page also. Ttys


    • So Lou, I had to go and shoot a roll before work today, developed ,and all good!!! so I must have wound to much on first roll, thanks for your help


      • Great. Wonderful camera. The 80 is a great lens. You may want to purchase a polarizer and ND filter or maybe a few BW filters to give you more latitude in bright light. They are Bay 60 filters. Hasselblad brand or others make them as well such as Heliopan or B&W. Keh often has several available for sale.

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        • Yes I’ve been looking thanks… sorry this weekend my job has me goin to D.C…. we will get out there someday


  2. Super results for your first roll. Congrats on the new camera and welcome to the club. Of all my medium format cameras, my hasselblad(s) are the ones going with me to the desert island, no doubt. I use the 80 mm primarily, but the 120 and 150mm lenses are nice additions.

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    • Thanks Mary!! Right now I don’t see myself using any other of my cameras.. even the digital ,lol. All I have is an 80 mm lens right now .. but in time I’ll be adding something .


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