Silt processor

I met up with a few friends to shoot an abandoned silt processor, and the ruins of Franklin, Washington, a former mining town.

I was shooting with an Olympus StylusEpic zoom 80, and one of Todd’s 6×6 pinhole cameras.

The Stylus does indeed have a wonderful sharp lens.   I never use the zoom feature, and would be fine if it didn’t have it.   I shot with this camera once before, and it was great.  This time, there was a round light leak in the corners, which I read could be due to dirt on the rubber gasket on the door of the camera.    It’s not a foam seal, its a soft-ish rubber.  I cleaned it.   Let’s see how it does in the future.  Otherwise, its a great compact camera.



Metering for pinhole.


Here are the pinhole photos:



This camera is a lot wider than I thought.


Although it was rainy later, it was a fun day.   And like every excursion, it was a great chance to shoot some film and do something different.

(Afterwards we stopped by an antique store where I bought a FED 5b).








2 thoughts on “Silt processor

  1. When it comes to light leaks black gaffers tape is your friend.
    Very cool location. Glad to see the pinholes with world pin hole coming up this weekend.


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