36/52 Rollei’n on the River

I was tired and cranky and left my desk at about 6:30 pm.  Unexpectedly I stumbled upon John Lincourt and Suresh Dagubatti in the parking lot.  My office lot has become a Wednesday night assemblage of late for photographers from the Rhode Island Photographer’s FB page.   My Rolleiflex was cross bodied and willing so my remains from the trying day surrendered to the light.  The air was again misty and leaden.  The light strained for meaningful glimmer amidst the bath of gray.  I fired off 8 or 9 shots before darkness fell and after a good hot cup of coffee with John and Suresh at the Coffee Depot we captured the evening’s offerings.  Having only my gorillapod, long exposure were challenging and one reasonably sharp long exposure image called “Empty” resulted.  It was sandwiched by two clunkers.  9 bells rung from the Church spire and we ended a nice evening.  I truly love the depth of images from the Rolleiflex Tessar 2.8 lens.   And its Germanic meter needles with charm.   Another week in the bank.  This is great fun.

I developed the 5 color images from that night and added them later.  They were shot using Kodak Portra.  I think the exposures were between 1 and 4 seconds.


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