Wk 10 (2017): Infrared test

A few years ago I converted an old Nikon mirrorless digital SLR to shoot Infrared spectrum and really liked the results. So I recently purchased a box of 4×5 sized Rollei Infrared 400 Black and White Negative Film and loaded it in the 4×5 camera. I shot with a B+W brand dark red filter 092, which is their version of the traditional 89B IR filter. Then I tried two methods for exposure.

The first is to just shoot the 400 ISO film at an EI of 25. This is equivalent to 4 stops of exposure compensation.

In the second test, I used a spot meter and placed the filter over it while taking the exposure reading. This results in two stops less exposure.

Both exposures are acceptable. But neither really gives me the “traditional” IR look with dark skies and white vegetation. I will continue to play with this film through the summer.

3 thoughts on “Wk 10 (2017): Infrared test

    • I’ll be revising this film a number of times over the next month. Still trying to figure out how to expose it properly.


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