52 Rolls Week 15:52

I’ve been doing lot’s of film and exposure testing these past two weeks in preparation for a photography workshop and Pinhole Day, not much to report.  So I’m posting a final image of my Garden, which managed to survive the early threats of bad weather.  it is snowing now, but my Tulips and Daffodils are long gone, so that’s OK.  See more of the Garden in my Portra 160 Pinhole time tests, in preparation for Worldwide Pinhole Day (coming April 30th).


I also tried some long exposures with Ilford Pan F Plus (ISO 50).  But not enough wind and exposures too short.  I have another roll and I’ll try again on a very windy day.

Starting in the lower right and moving counter clockwise:  No Wind, Some Wind, More wind.


Color Info: Portra 160 and Fuji GA645Zi camera.

B&W Info: Ilford Pan F Plus, Mamiya 6X7 with 50 mm lens.

Developed and scanned by our friends at Old School Photo Lab.

2 thoughts on “52 Rolls Week 15:52

  1. Thanks, I didn’t like Portra for my Landscapes. But it does a great job with the flowers. Looking forward to more Portra 160 in the garden this summer.


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