17/52 rolls….

This week took me back to D.C. and finally one time I get to leave my office{motor coach,lol} and it was at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.This week I wanted to try a roll of Fomapan100.What a beautiful church…..check it out….Basilica3Basilica7Basilica6Basilica5Basilica4Basilica8Basilica1Basilica2Now these were shot with my new toy…Hasselblad 500c/m…tell me, will any film not come out of this camera good? I mean I like these…still love ilfordHP5,but fomapan not bad….img295


Gibbons Hall

img300Maybe the Highlights aren’t as good because there were clouds in the sky and not showing as it would with HP5. Also looking for some filters for the Hasselblad next, not easy to find, any ideas? next week ,Kodak 400tx…….until then, peace. Thanks for looking!

7 thoughts on “17/52 rolls….

  1. Sure the camera is great and the film is great. But I think You and what and how you choose to photograph plays the biggest part. Plenty of people have great equipment and make horrible photos. You have a good eye for composition!

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  2. I agree with “analogphotobug” your results are spectacular in a large part to your eye. I know how you feel though. As a Hasselblad lover, I know my camera(s) can’t help but make images that make my heart happy! Look forward to seeing more.

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    • Omg thank you so much for the comments….I am loving this Hasselblad… just wish I got one years ago


  3. These are great images. The sharpness is off the charts. I especially like the first and third images. Hasselblad filters can get sort of pricey. I have had luck on ebay. If you are using a newer 80mm then you will use Bay 60 filters. Since you like to shoot BW red, orange, yellow, green filters come in handy. I often use the Bay 60 ND filter or Polarizer when I reach shutter speed limits to give me more room…..There is a filter hood but it’s awfully big and bulky I have never used it, probably only for tripod shooting. I think it permits use of gels.

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    • Thanks Lou, yes I’ve been checking eBay, also KEH camera has some stuff. I’m gonna start off with a yellow and a red first, maybe a ND too…


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