Week 13: Pictures Like Mom Used to Take

This is an update to the weekly “Flea Market Walk About” post I do for the Random Camera Facebook group. Might as well kill two birds with one roll of expired film so here it is. A while back I picked up a Kodak Tourist folding 620 camera like the one my Mom used when my sister and I were young – back in the 50’s and 60’s. It was the first camera I ever used and Mom was patient enough to help me learn to take pictures and bought me film when we could afford it. I have an eternal debt of gratitude to her for that and innumerable other things that she did for us that brought us to adulthood safe and mostly sane. Thanks Mom.

The first roll of color film I took with my new/old Tourist was Ektar 100 but it was pretty sad. Foggy and not very sharp. I put the camera on the shelf and left it for a long time. Looking for something to write about last week I looked over and saw it gazing back at me forlornly and so I picked it up and decided to give it a good cleaning and try one more time. This is what came of it.


Got the negatives I took this weekend back from the lab and all things considered they’re not too bad. Almost ‘Pictures Like Mom Used to Take’.
This was Ilford Pan F Plus 50 ISO expired in 1999 so push processed one stop.The general cleanup and especially cleaning the lens and the protective glass helped a lot with the overall picture sharpness. They’re still not going to win any contests but are much better than the first roll I put through it. I think using 100 ISO and keeping the lens stopped down to F22/32 will help too. I’ll try that next go around. I have a feeling the black dots on the film are artifacts from my attempt to shoehorn a roll of 120 into a 620 camera. I cut the rims of the 120 rolls even with the paper backing and sanded them smooth as well as sanding off a microscopic layer of plastic on each end of the roll. It fit but just barely. I should’ve been more careful about making sure all the dust particles were removed, maybe by a little application of a vacuum cleaner hose. With my luck it would’ve sucked the roll in and I would’ve had to start over. Next time I’m going to use my changing bag to respool the 120 onto 620 spools. The Film Photography Podcast store has the spools so I ordered some a year or so ago. They’re pricey so make sure you let your lab know to return them with the negatives and prints.
Here is hopefully our last snowstorm of Spring (Hah!) courtesy of the venerable Kodak Tourist.

7 thoughts on “Week 13: Pictures Like Mom Used to Take

  1. I wish film for my dad’s old LAND camera still existed. Our earliest pics for my childhood were taken with that camera. Nice to have those kind of memories……

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    • Yep. It’s a shame that we can’t go back to a more analog lifestyle sometimes. Even though I rode the wave of digital technology in my career I still like things that haven’t changed for ages like acoustic guitar. The music might change but the instrument still persists. I think we’re going to see more and more young people starting to be involved in film photography because it’s more hands on and personal and you end up with results you can hold in your hand and not lose if somebody’s server goes down. Thanks for your comment. I’m sad about the demise of Polaroid film too.


  2. They turned out really well especially in light of the film adaptation. I would never dare! I wish I could remember †he cameras my parents used in my childhood though I would guess it must have been a Kodak since Kodak had a big factory close to my home in those days….long closed now!

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    • Thanks. I’m just glad it works well enough to use once in a while. I’ll try it on a nice sunny day with some decent color film next time. 🙂 Aside from the Tourist I don’t remember any cameras my extended family used.


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