52 Rolls Week 16:52

It’s getting a little political in here, as we review the best of 3 rolls from the Earth Day March for Science.  As I scientist I was there to defend science, so that’s my perspective.  We need more science not less!EarthDay

The Marchers


Remember that Louis Pasteur was not trying to preserve milk.  He was trying to make it safe to drink beer in the summer time!


And a reminder of why 1543 does matter today!

It is what it is……… and when you also claim that no one has examined why the American Civil War happened, you are pulling facts from somewhere!


Above: this is also true, even if it makes us uncomfortable.

Governor Hickenlooper and Jeff Sessions not getting much love.

But Ending on a Lighter Side:


All puns and total irreverence completely intended.

Tech Info:  Fuji GA645Zi, T-MAX 400 (no filters);  I liked the Film Noir Look from using no contrast filters.  Best of Three Rolls developed and scanned by Old School Photo Labs.

2 thoughts on “52 Rolls Week 16:52

  1. Thanks, still working on my street photography skills. But all of the rallies and protests (where people actually want you to photograph them) is making me much more comfortable.


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