18 / 52 rolls…….

Week 18 took me to a place in Rhode Island called ..Goddard Park. Its a pretty big place, has a golf course…places to picnic (if the weather ever gets better) a beach and even has a carousel, that wasn’t open yet either, but once in awhile i like to walk around here.

First 2 are my favorites….Next two from Providence…

Hasselblad 500 cm,Kodak tri-x 400……never disappoints. Next week Fujifilm NEOPAN ACROS 100,till then, thanks for looking, peace.

9 thoughts on “18 / 52 rolls…….

  1. I have some camera and film envy.. A Hasselblad! I wish I had a darkroom. Well I do develop my own film but have yet to figure out how to get the film scanned into my computer! I should be shooting every day!

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    • I’ve been developing and scanning now for awhile, I bought a epson 550 scanner at Best Buy on sale for $149. I am so into film… at times I think of selling my digital stuff …lol

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      • Seriously I miss getting lost in a dark room. I really want to get myself back into it. I miss the tactile part of it and frankly digital always just feels so blah. I have an old HP Deskjet printer and I have yet to figure out how to invert the scan and get it into light room! I think I may have to purchase a new scanner.

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