Roll 10 More around the town

I realized I’m very behind on posting. I’m actually pretty current on shooting, but not so much on developing and posting. This roll is more of my exploration of the underbelly of Encinitas, Portra 400 shot on the Isolette. I think the hazy overcast we were having through much of March provided good conditions for the Isolette. It tends to be harder to judge to exposures in bright sunlight, but in these conditions I really like the saturation I’m getting. My favorite is the emphatic No Parking. Really, No Parking. We mean it.

These last two illustrate something very typical of our community which I’ve mentioned in previous posts. There is no real “affordable housing” in this seaside town so by default people do what they have to which can mean massively overcrowding a single family home or in a lot of cases people either living in their own, or renting, a trailer. A quick cruise through some “modest” neighborhoods reveals an excessively high number of homes with an RV or trailer parked on the property. Surely not this many people own such vehicles for recreational purposes. Many of them show signs of being lived in such as utility cords snaking into the house. The two below images are, sadly, typical. There has to be a better way to do this.

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