Wrong lens on a Speed Graphic

I picked up a 7.5cm  f/2.8 lens for what I thought was a Speed Graphic.    It had a lensboard that was about the same size as a Speed Graphic.  That was why I was confused.   It turns out, it should go on a baby Speed Graphic, the medium format version, which is 3 & 1/4   x  2 & 1/4, not 4×5.

Well rather than put it away, I thought, heck, I’ll shoot with it anyway, even if there’s a lot of vignetting, because the cone of light just doesn’t cover the 4×5 area.

I met up with a few friends at Gasworks Park, then we went on to a grove of trees at Golden Gardens beach.

I shot & developed some black & white, but I had to send the color transparencies off to Citizen’s Photo in Portland.

The funny thing is, the lens is very wide, and the front rails of the Speed Graphic are in every shot.  I could crop them out, but its more interesting to leave them in.



Shooting 5×7 pinhole


Random couple


And Golden Gardens:


I’ll go back to using a proper lens on the Speed Graphic, but it was pretty fun.

6 thoughts on “Wrong lens on a Speed Graphic

  1. I’ll second that! I think the vignettes are interesting, so keep the lens. Now you have an easy way to do it when you want to.


  2. The bed on every Graphic that I’ve ever worked with was capable of a drop to accommodate wide lenses. I see that you’ve incorporated it as part of the photo but if you want it out, drop the bed, tilt the lens board back to vertical and raise it till your image is centered. Good idea and very nice images.


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