Seattle Film Meetup

Last weekend I met up at a cafe with some folks from a film meetup group and a few of my friends as well.

I was shooting with a Russian FED 5b that I’d picked up recently, with a Voigtlander 15mm f/4.5 lens on it.    Being a rangefinder, I could only guess at the framing of this very wide lens.    And, the focusing assist in the viewfinder is useless.    So it’s all zone focusing.  I had taken it out previously on an overcast day, and shot mostly at f/4.5, and wasn’t so happy with the results, because they weren’t so sharp.   Last saturday, however, was sunny, so I was shooting at the smallest aperture I could get away with, which was about f/8 before the shutter speeds got too slow.   The sharpness of the photos was much better.


I really like how wide these are.    The rangefinder & such a short lens are really light and handy.

4 thoughts on “Seattle Film Meetup

  1. Great Shots! We’ve had some attempts a Film Meet-up groups here…..I may try to organize one myself. Fun to shoot with a group.


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