52 Rolls Week 18:52

First results from the Moab Photo Symposium.  Next year will be the last as the organizer is retiring to travel the Southwest US, making images.  So If you can, drop in ……..

Best of the first day of shooting with Bruce Barhbaum.  His philosophy of image making and his life story were both fascinating.  I decided to shoot only Ilford SFX-200.  Still learning my way around it, but here goes.  My theme is ‘What’s in the Crop’?


Full Frame (above) with the obvious problem of my shadow at the bottom.  The scan also goes a bit off the edge of the film. Below Crop Option #1:


And Crop Option #2:


Geez I love that Black Sky! I’m leaning toward Crop #2.  But comments are appreciated, as I do intend to make prints of these.  Now for the Second Image, starting with full frame:


First I thought this was a no go for printing, not very interesting.  But then I took a second look and cropped it:


Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t.  Final image from that day’s shoot, full frame:


And the Crop:


So, how should I print these?  What’s your favorite?

Tech Info:  Ilford SFX-200 IR Sensitive Filmwith B&W IR 695 filter; Mamiya 6X7 Camera on tripod; Image #1& 3: 43 mm wide angle lens; Image #2 80mm normal lens.  Developed and Scanned by Old School Photo Labs.


7 thoughts on “52 Rolls Week 18:52

    • Thanks, with SFX-200 it’s all about using the right filter and getting the exposure right. Oh Yeah? That’s true for any film! But I’m finally getting it right for this film. And you are not seeing anything that didn’t work. This is the best of two rolls of film. But with bracketing and only 10 shot, you don’t capture many scenes on a single roll of film with the Mamiya 7.


  1. For the first image, the “subject” as I see it is the lower half of the frame. How would a crop that removes most of the sky look? Ok, I just tried it and I’m not sure what I think. Its a very different image that way. Something about the negative space in both of your crops is nice. I lean toward the second crop, but the foreground is a bit busy with the vegetation on the lower left. Maybe a crop in-between?


  2. I like the second crop of the canyon. The one with the sky removed, since its not all that interesting.


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