20,21,22…52 rolls

I’ve been away for 2 weeks with my job and it had me from Berkshires in Massachusetts to Hartford,Conn.to New York City to Philadelphia to Baltimore and finally ending in Washington D.C. Just wish I was able to shoot more, managed to shoot 3 rolls…the start of week 20 was at home ,a walk at Rocky Point in Warwick,RI. The clouds were special that day……

To finish off week 20 and start week 21 I was at Yale University,New Haven Conn……..

And to finish, week 22 had me at the Philadelphia Art Museum,yes the stairs that Rocky climbed…..and for the first time I was able to do what i’ve always wanted to do…..climb to the top of the stairs. (BTW,the stairs look higher in the movie)…….

When I got to the top there was a vending truck,I ordered a burger…LOL….Did Rocky do that? Thanks for looking, till next week, happy shooting.menuGear…Hasselblad 500cm,80mm lens, film….Neopan Acros100 ,Yellow filter

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