52 Rolls Week 19:52

More from the Moab Photo Symposium.  Day 2, shooting with Huntington Witherill in Hunter Canyon.  I had met Huntington several years ago when I lived in Monterey, CA, and was starting my serious B&W photography.  He welcomed our Experimental Photography Class into his home studio to talk about his work.  It was nice to renew old acquaintance.

At the Symposium I had decided to shoot only Ilford SFX-200.I had since learned a bit more about IR and this film in particular that would have made my images better.  But I still like them.  At the end I’ll tell you what I need to change for the next time around.


First a general view of the Location.  Since I wanted to work with IR sensitive film, I needed vegetation to get the strongest effect.  In a desert that can be hard to find.  But Hunter Canyon has as much vegetation in one place as you can expect to find in this environment.


Lots on Cottonwoods in addition to the scrub.  Now what could I have done differently?  First the Hoya IR 72 filter does cut out more of the visible light.  So a better IR effect.  Naturally I read this AFTER my trip.  So I’ll get the IR 72 and do a follow-up comparison later.  Second, I needed longer exposures and a smaller aperture.  So I will work on that next time too.


This was the first Cottonwood that Caught my eye.  But alas an overcast day and the sun not in the best position.  Maybe next time.


Above we can see the difference between and evergreen (Juniper center of the image) and broad leaf trees (to the right) in IR.    Broad leaf trees are definitely a better subject.


                                            Finally I think the best of the Cottonwood Trees.                                       I’ll let you know how the prints turn out.

Tech Info: Ilford SFX-200 IR Sensitive Film using B&W IR 695 Filter; Mamiya 6X7 with 43 mm lens; Developed and scanned by our friends at Old School Photo Lab.

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