41/52 Beach 3, T2

These images were shot at Third Beach in Middletown, Rhode Island.  I took my dogs for a walk, an activity they love.  I don’t have photographs of them since I had the Contax T2 and it’s hard to capture Duke’s and Lilly’s energized movements with the camera.  I used Kodak Ektar understanding that it likes the sun.  The images had a bluish cast so I had to warm them slightly in Lightroom to give a natural color to the sands.  I have been on the fence about this camera, not really warming to it but from this roll I am happy with the sharpness and overall quality of the images.   I do hope to spend some quality film time this weekend, a long weekend in remembrance of our veterans, all of whom deserve immense gratitude and honor.  I can only upload 4 images, seem to be out of space.  Hopefully I can figure out how to change that.

4 thoughts on “41/52 Beach 3, T2

  1. I don’t really know, but it might well be that Skylightfilters and UV-Filters have been around in the era of film with a reason. nowadays with digital sensors and other lens building techniques there is the argument these filters have become obsolete. But on film they made a difference, I was told.

    I use one only on a QL17, but I would like to have some more for my other cams and lenses.


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