Yashica-A at Seattle Pike Place Market

Glazers Camera had a photowalk at Seattle’s Pike Place Market, and I brought a Yashica-A I’d picked up recently for $60.    (How could I NOT buy that?)    The camera was from an antique store on Vashon Island.   The owner said her uncle had bought it in Japan, I think.   It works perfectly, and has a nice leather case.

I brought it along to the film meetup to prove that it works, so I can sell it.  Kate recently suggested that I should sell some of my cameras.  🙂     Although its a great camera, I also have a Yashica-Mat EM, so why would I need both?

The meetup was well attended. We wandered around the market, then down to the waterfront.  Mostly newbies.

I was metering with a phone app.    Developed at home in Diafine.


I think I’m not agitating enough.  Those dark spots in the sky & on the left.  😦



This guy was making a video about his spray paint art.

It was a fun evening.

3 thoughts on “Yashica-A at Seattle Pike Place Market

  1. As someone who recently sold off/gave away a majority of my cameras, having two of the same basic camera is silly. But take both the EM and the A out, shoot them both for a month, see which one ‘speaks’ to you more, then sell the other. Wishing you luck as someone who dropped from 30 cameras to 10.


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