weeks 25 / 26…..52 rolls

Heading into weeks 25 and 26,I was down at Liberty State Park,New Jersey….I love New York,and if you ever get a chance to see it from Jersey Park,Incredible View!!I have been so much into the Neon Acros lately I thought I would fool around with a roll of Kodak T-Max 400…pulled to 200 and developed accordingly…….

Also I have started to play around with Lee filters…..everything I ordered came in a couple of days before this trip so I really haven’t had a lot of time to play around with them….the next set of shots for week 26 was shot on IlfordPanF 50…….

My Favorite has to be the Twin Towers Memorial…..or actually called “empty sky,9/11 memorial”  The memorial has twin walls that is directed toward ground zero, and has the names of each of the 746 victims. Just amazing to see.Thanks for looking, peace .

Hasselblad 500cm/ 80mm lens/ Lee filters…Big stopper,ND Grad filter,Mist Filter,Kodak T-Max,IlfordPanF50

7 thoughts on “weeks 25 / 26…..52 rolls

  1. Hi Andre. Nice images. The Lee Filter system is fantastic. Maybe a titch more exposure to compensate for the filters? I love the image of twin towers, it is emblematic of the terrible tragedy, ghostly.

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    • Lou you should see it in person.. incredible… I drive the motor coach in New York a lot… near 911 … when you see the area it’s even more incredible the tragedy that happened


  2. Beautiful! My wife and I spent our honeymoon in NYC. Never made it to NJ side of the river, but I was sure to point out the ferry docks on our way to Ellis Island.

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  3. I’ve always viewed New York from the inside out because we were always visiting family. Haven’t been there in a long time, but next time I’ll be sure to see the view from across the harbor.

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