Weeks 26-28: More spring flowers, the beach and urban walks

This will be my last posting until sometime in September.  We always spend the summer in New Orleans and while I will be shooting every day, I will not be posting anything during that time…having way too much fun.   I still have a backlog of weeks to post but they’re done, it’s just me not being able to find the time before we leave.  I will enjoy all your postings through the summer so keep them coming.

Week 26: Spring flowers with my Contax 645 and Portra 400 film.  They were made for each other.


Week 27: Returning with my Holga 120N and Portra 400 film to Lake Ontario and the streets of the Beach in Toronto.


Week 28:  I love wandering about through Toronto’s back laneways especially in the Queen Street East neighbourhood.  There are always treasures to be found and beautiful art.  That week I was using my Hasselblad 501CM and my usual Kodak Portra 400 film.


You can see more of my film work at https://marysmyth.com/

7 thoughts on “Weeks 26-28: More spring flowers, the beach and urban walks

  1. Used to live in New Orleans. That’s where my husband and I met. Didn’t take my camera out much because we were afraid of being mugged. Maybe there is less crime post Katrina. You have such interesting lanes and alleyways in Toronto. We keep meaning to wander around out little town and photograph. This has inspired me. We’ll definitely do it before the end of the Summer!

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    • We’ve been going to N.O. every year since 2001 and I’ve never felt uncomfortable there. Maybe I should have 😃 I love laneways and usually find them more interesting than the main streets! Toronto has some pretty unique areas.


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