45/52 Inspired by Colton Allen

Colton is a tremendous inspiration to me.  I have “met” him through the Film Shooter’s Collective.   I encourage you to view his work on his Flickr page.  These images are in many cases busier than his but I tried to follow his style in the images from the old American Tourister factory now being put together again like Humpty Dumpty.  Unfortunately those images had a stark magenta cast and from shooting in the overcast conditions with no filter the white balance was garish.  I tried my best to fix it in Lightroom.  The other images are from Ogie’s Trailer Park, a cool venue in Providence.  Kodak Portra, Pentax Spotmatic 55 F 1.8 lens.   On the shots at Ogie’s I unknowingly had a skylight filter on the lens and rather like the impact on the colors, much more stark and true to what I saw.   Perhaps I should have used the filter at the Tourister location…..Oh, there is one image from the concert in Waterplace Park of the duo “Cowboy and Lady”.  Absolutely fantastic tunes, give them a listen!

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