46/52 Low Tech Meets Low IQ, Facebook Row, Rollei 35

My first try using a Holga and some sprinkled in shots with a Rollei 35.  Kodak Portra 400 all.  Today is the my deceased daughter ‘s birthday.  A very hard day.

This was an interesting week for me photography wise.  It started with my respectful post on a Fuji XT2 website about frustration with in-camera .jpg images.  I said that because of it I shoot mainly Acros film simulation.  World War III ensued.  I ended up getting attacked by a guy who could not understand why if I liked the black and white and because the black and white are colors, I could assert I did not like Fuji colors.  An invective laced row developed between the members that I tried to put a stop to but I ended up just leaving the page.   Film people don’t do that.  The “color guy’s” FB page by the way contains only images of his forte’ — perfect naked women with derrieres resembling fresh eggs and nary a facial hair or acne showing.  I prefer nudes with acne.  Were it not for some friends and the  Film Shooter’s Collective I would leave the cowboy world of Facebook.

My second “adventure” occurred at a carnival in town.  I was practicing panning on a carousel.  I had never used this technique before.  One of my accompanying photo friends warned me later he had been questioned by the police looking for a “guy in a white shirt” (me) supposedly photographing two girls.  I did not even know the two girls were there.  I was too busy screwing up the panning shots.  I asked John if he would change shirts with me.  He said no.  From then on I stayed in the shadows and avoided the cops.  I have posted yet another bad image as evidence.  If my posts disappear I am in chains.  Please submit this as Exhibit A.  I was only being a bad photographer, honest!

Finally, the Holga.  I got this for a few bucks and decided to try it.  My first foray exaggerated my dominant trait — absent-mindedness.  Unintended double exposures resulted.  I used 400 film and followed the directions to not shoot into the sun.  Most of the images were horribly underexposed, the meter was likely overwhelmed by the bright morning sun behind me.  I ended up with 3 usable images, not good ones.  Many of the images were marred by massive light leaks including one here that unfortunately would have been the best of the gnarly lot.  I’ll try it again.  Will probably use 100 film next time.  Any suggestions on use of this camera would be appreciated.  I’ll tape the seams on the back next time.

4 thoughts on “46/52 Low Tech Meets Low IQ, Facebook Row, Rollei 35

  1. The Holga is like the arranged marriage you have to learn to love. The first roll I ran through a Holga I hated so much I gave the camera away. Now, three years later and with a much much greater understanding of film cameras, I have acquired another and am really enjoying it. You have to be able to just let go and enjoy what happens. Unintended double exposures can be wonderful. I would recommend shooting with 100 film when sunny and 400 when overcast – that’s about as much control as you have over exposure 😎 Seriously, though, if you can learn to love it, it’s great fun.


  2. I never found the Holga that challenging (i.e. in terms of love/hate and acquired affection). But then I was introduced to it in a formal Experimental Photography class, so my expectations were aligned with the technology. Also not unexpected to ruin a roll or two of film at the start. It is a good (cheap) way to experiment with 6X6 medium format for those new to film.

    I always shoot 400 (Color or B&W) and have had no problems. And the double exposure can be fun. Its one of the reasons people like Holga; because its easy to do. Yes I do recommend taping the back. Some people also tape the front and remove the mask inside.

    I can recommend taking a look at Jim Rohan (http://pushprocessed.blogspot.com/) and Holga Jen @ the Holga Darkroom (http://holgajen.blogspot.com/) for inspiration. She also features other plastic camera enthusiasts.

    Finally you either like it or you don’t. It’s a mater of taste……as are most camera and film choices.


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