52 Rolls Week 24:52

A week ago we went on an AARP sponsored ‘pub crawl’ and behind the scenes tour in Ft Collins, CO.  We’ve been meaning to go to Ft Collins’ Old Town, but hadn’t made it, although we often drive through on our way to other places.  So when I got the email invitation I decided that we would do it!  For those of you outside the US, AARP  = American Association of Retired Persons.  No I’m not retired, but but I’ve reached (and surpassed) the minimum age requirement for member ship.

But I digress……This week’s post focusses on Summit Hard Cider and Scrumpy’s Tap Room:


Scrumpy is the Hedgehog Mascot. Read more about him and the owner HERE.


Co-founder Jennifer, gives us a behind the scenes tour and the history of the location, which started out as a car dealer, then bike shop, and a few other incarnations before becoming a cidery.


The Tap Room featured many recycled item including repurposed church pews.


The Main Bar (left) and a Side Bar (Right).


And no my vision was not this fuzzy (not fuzzy at all) after our sampler.  Just that not quite in focus auto focus camera experience.  It happens, so we acknowledge it.

Next week we’ll drop by the Breweries………

Tech Info: Kodak T-MAX 400, Fuji GA645Zi camera. Developed and scanned by Old School Photo Labs.

Somehow I didn’t actually update last weeks post.  So we’re a bit out of sync



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