47/52 Relics

I have shot at this antique yard a few other times during the course of my 52 Rolls project.  I revisit every few months and find new objects to capture.  This was an overcast day and I loaded Ilford PanF 50+ into my Rolleiflex 2.8F.   This is a wonderful combination.   The Rolleiflex is a powerhouse belying its small size.  I love the camera, it is my favorite and go-to.  I am still learning with it as with all of photography.  With the low light and slow film playing with depth of field was hard but I did my best.  I developed the film in Adox Rodinal for 5m 30 seconds at 20C, pretty much following the Massive Development Chart guidelines.   One wonders where these incredible objects were owned and celebrated.  The yard is in Newport, Rhode Island and undoubtedly many resided on the grounds of glorious mansions where renovation rendered the objects obsolete and unwanted.  There are always curious people wandering the yard but I have not encountered another photographer there.   I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed taking them.  I attribute the ability to get 12 decent exposures with minimal or no editing to undertaking this project and thank all who follow and comment.  This support encourages my soldiering on and continuing progression as a photographer.  It was a hard day, having lunch with my uncle who is gravely ill.  Each time I depart the unknown of whether I have taken my last leave of him is unsettling.  In hard times I always turn to photography to smooth out life’s rough edge.


4 thoughts on “47/52 Relics

  1. Very nice Lou. Love the first one. I just got finished with a roll of panf50 myself. I’m just not that much of a fan of it… and I had some problems with it in developing… could be my fault, maybe, but I’ll talk about it in 52 weeks. Where about in Newport is this place, I’d like to go check it out.


    • I’m not great with directions but here is my best…..As you depart the Newport Bridge heading into Newport bear right to take the “Downtown Newport” exit instead of going to Rte 138 towards casino. The yard is right there at the bottom of the exit. I have not headed inside of the building to shoot but there are incredible objects inside also….

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