Terrible Minolta Freedom Zoom 150

I had the intention to shoot this camera to show that it worked so I could sell it, but it’s just going into the thrift store donation box.   It looks like its been selling on ebay for $10 or less.

The picture quality is terrible.  But if you’re looking for a camera that screams “analog”, it’s right for you.

It doesn’t help that I was using expired (possibly 1993) Kodak Gold 200 film.  I checked “color correction” in the Epson software when I scanned this, but I didn’t edit these otherwise.

I went to a photo stroll with some friends last Sunday, and brought this along.  Fortunately, I also brought a few other better cameras, which I’ll feature in another blog entry.

If you want a slim pocket-able 35mm zoom camera, the Canon SureShot 80u is much sharper.



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