52 Rolls Week 26:52

Presenting the best of 2 rolls and crediting myself for 2 weeks.  Recently we took a ride to the Airport (DIA) on the new Regional Commuter Train Next week you’ll see the ride back with some very different views.


For those of you overseas or on the East coast of the US, not a big deal.  Here in the middle of the continent, a very big deal.  Denver being fairly progressive when it comes to Mass Transit.

Week 26…the ride out.  Somewhat marred by the metallic screens embedded in the glass as a type of shading.  You’ll see some artifacts from this in the photos.  Also the train follows the Union Pacific right of way, so it traverses and old industrial part of town.  Not very scenic (i.e mostly empty lots, shipping containers and parked train cars).


We should also note the Poor Souls that have to stand out in the sun (one on each side of the train) because of multiple accidents at these crossings.  People insist that they can beat the train……There have been some instances, however, where the crossing gates have failed to lower.  Imagine yourself standing there all day in near 100 F temperatures. RTD has until the end of July to pass Federal Safety Standards.

Sitting on the west side of the train riding out, I could view the main runway.  Above Southwest makes an approach; Below, Frontier on the taxiway after landing.  You can see some of the artifacts from the window glass in this image.


One of the most interesting views was the approach to the Airport Train Station.  And views around the station:

With lots of room to add more tracks as the system grows.


Passengers head to their flights……


And we revisit the now completed Kinetic Sculpture.  You tell me what you think it represents?


Tech Info: Minolta XD-11, T-MAX 400 Film; Developed and Scanned by Old School Photo Lab.

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