Wk 26(2017):Daniels & Fisher Clock Tower

Back the end of June we got an opportunity to tour the historic Daniels & Fisher Clock Tower. We got to venture inside the clock and up to the top of the tower where the bell hangs. I shot a roll and a half of HP5+, again pushed to an EI of 800. I’ve combined the relevant images from both rolls for this post.


Daniels & Fisher building from the 15th street mall in downtown Denver.

Inside the clock face looking out.

The tower bell.

And the view from the top of the tower. Last image is the wrought iron spiral stair case that takes you to a hatch in the roof under the bell.

Shot with my Mamiya 6, HP5+ film pushed to EI of 800. Developed in Kodak HC-110 at N+1, and scanned on an Epson V700 flatbed scanner.

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