Roll 21 Fuji Natura 1600 on Nikon FM3a

Struggles of the daily grind hit home very quickly, so quickly that whilst in the airport exiting Melbourne airport customs from the return flight home I recieved a call to start a 12 hour shift that afternoon working on a rail project happening throughout Melbourne. No word of a lie, i couldnt make it up if i tried, so hit the ground running so to speak, and ermm.. made tracks hehehe ;).


7am finish of the shift.

Unfortunately the cost of that was soon to be seen, 6 day rotations with 12 hour shifts and 2 hour commute meant little time to muck around with making food, let alone the camera, so being someone inclined towards stability, this happened to be a massive re-calibration effort, so focus was work, rest and making the most of the time off (read; nothing). For quite some considerable time, i have been in the habit of taking my camera to work with me, and this proved to have worked its magic on some of the shots on this roll, having been taken on the early drive home or the late drive in circumstances allowing of course.


Work at the time took me everywhere, and the bonus of that was finding this gem of a spot with a great view of the city. I found out later its a favourite for our Instagram brethren, and we can see why.



Impressed with the tonal range of the film, though contrast heavy, and definitely grainy (come-on its 1600 ISO i hear you say!) it has a nice feel to it and paired with the right lens, i think the best of it is yet to be seen.

Took the nikon out on the town one freeeeeezing night, and as a architectural/landscape it doesnt do its best to perform, but film was loaded, and had what little time was available….



This next one is nothing special, but when i was setting up, getting framing right and the like, set up on the footpath next to an old, recently closed access-way to the wharfs, 11pm at night on my day off (slept in for what its worth) I observed a black expensive german 4wd pull over, then had to explain to myself to the driver why i was there, and whilst truthful, only gained further suspicion from the fact, needless to say i got the hell out of there once a second car came around. Suspect? Nah, not even a scent of it… but hey at least the clarity is spot on in this gem.
Market day!



Family discussion time



3 thoughts on “Roll 21 Fuji Natura 1600 on Nikon FM3a

  1. Always lots of new films to try here….I especially like the night shot with wet pavement. And trains are always a winner for me. WOW I never could have made that transition to work though.


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