52 Rolls Week 29:52

More Infrared Experiments……and a Tale of Two Exposures below:

Camera set on ISO 50 @ f/16.  Some recommend that Rollei Infrared be exposed at ISO 25, but the negatives were so dense that they were almost un-scannable.  This seemed to work better…also using the 720 nm filter:  Left 2 sec & right 4 sec.


Our Neighbor’s wild grape vines grow over the fence……but we don’t mind.

Next week wee see better Infrared Outcomes using a new “old” camera joining the family.  Because I have one more camera than I need, but one less camera than I want…….

Tech Info:  Mamiya 6, Rollei 400 Infrared Film; Developed in F76 by KellyBlackDo and scanned on our Epson V700.

3 thoughts on “52 Rolls Week 29:52

  1. I’m just now experimenting with different black and white filters. It’s one thing to read about it but another to actually do it. Infrared, I have tried it in digital with a converted camera. That was fun but got a bit hokey after a while….These are cool. I wonder what a portrait would look like….Looks like you could go a bit more on exposure? Not sure it may be my screen……Looking forward to your further experimentation. I am winding my year down. I believe I will continue, is that normal? We are a small but dedicated band….L.


    • The Exposure with the M6 were surprisingly off……..Next weeks images with a different camera and different exposure method are much better…….I think I’ve found my camera for the Rollei IR 400. SFX-200 is more forgiving, and I think I got that figured out in May.

      We have a converted Nikon for IR and I am thinking about having another camera converted to full spectrum.

      kellyblack dog has some interesting digital IR posted here: http://longspeakphotoblog.blogspot.com/search/label/IR


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