Abandoned houses in Eastern Washington

I’m woefully behind on my scanning.  I’ve got several rolls sitting in a box, and another box is arriving in a few days.   I’d like to share all of it with you.    Summer is a busy time in Seattle.
Highlights:    the annual Honkfest weekend.   A week in Iceland.   Of course I shot a lot of film for those, and lots more events.

But  for now, here’s some of my photos from Eastern Washington.  I shot 35mm with a fisheye, a Fuji GA 645, a lot of 4×5 with a Speed Graphic, a Pentax67, and a bunch of pinhole.
I went out with different friends on both weekends.  We took 2 days to explore abandoned homes & a few schoolhouses, staying overnight in a motel over the weekend.  I still feel like I haven’t had enough time to fully explore the area.   And of course I want to bring different cameras next time.


35mm SLR with a fisheye


35mm SLR with a fisheye

Here’s some from the Fuji GA645:


Here’s some with the Speed Graphic:


Here’ some from the Pentax67:


And here’s some pinhole:


These and more can be found at http://www.espressobuzz.net/Events/2017/EasternWashington.

3 thoughts on “Abandoned houses in Eastern Washington

  1. Like the fisheye images. And nice use of light in the B&W shot with the door. Look forward to you summer adventures.


  2. Hey, give yourself credit for several weeks of work here (even if it was all shot over 2 weekends). We love ghost towns and abandoned building too. Great work. Which B&W film were you using?

    I keep meaning to pull out my fisheye lens for 52 rolls. Looking at it on the shelf now………I still have a few weeks to work with it!


  3. Boy can I relate to behindness! I think I’ve shot close to the right number of rolls to be on track but since I develop AND scan at home I am just ridiculously behind the curve. Anyway, this is an awesome smorgasbord of images. Many of them look straight out of creepy horror movie land. Do you know the history of these abandoned homes? Have they ever been used for movie shoots?And who’s the astronaut? So many questions…..


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