Roll 14 (meh) and Roll 15 The Pentax Returns

Roll 14 didn’t yield many shots worth sharing. The film was Fujichrome expired in 2000 , shot on the Isolette and cross processed. The results were mostly terrible and the curling of the Fuji film during processing is starting to drive me nuts. This shot represents what I am starting to call informally my “demo list”. Many houses I pass and photograph are obviously abandoned and/or neglected and, in this part of the world, it is only a matter of time before they are demolished to make way for a mansion. I have seen this happen already to nearly a half dozen of the homes showcased in the first part of 2017. The below shot shows one of these.


These shots of are some of the few remaining greenhouses in the area. The town of Encinitas used to be known as the “Poinsettia Capital” and the greenhouse growers down the street (which have all been replaced by houses now) used to drop complimentary poinsettia plants on all the neighbors’ doorsteps every December. Now there are only a handful of these family run businesses left.




To compensate for the disappointment of Roll 14, and save space, I’m including Roll 15 here. This roll of Fuji Reala 100 is the first (and only, so far this year) roll shot since the miraculous resurrection of my Pentax 67. Sadly, I have had to do most of my shooting on the fly which means grabbing whatever is light and fits in a tote bag. But in reviewing these images I am inspired to get this baby out in the light again.




Here are some more shots of the mysterious Wizard of Oz sculptures. With this camera I’ve finally captured some decent images.

Repaired Pentax 67006Repaired Pentax 67007Repaired Pentax 67008Repaired Pentax 67010

Finally, here are a few more of houses on the “watch list” for disappearance.

Repaired Pentax 67009Repaired Pentax 67012

I’m very happy that my Pentax is working again. The quality of this camera and the lenses I have for it is a completely different world from the medium format units I’ve been using. Of course they produce a different kind of aesthetic. But I am so happy to have the ability to produce a more controlled image again! After this current roll, I haven’t taken the Pentax out again until just last weekend (which you won’t see posted for a while…) but when I did, I found it wasn’t that hard to tote around, since it has the lovely wooden handle. And even more interesting, I was at a crowded event and barely anyone even notice the camera. That means I will be using it a lot more, I hope.

3 thoughts on “Roll 14 (meh) and Roll 15 The Pentax Returns

    • I have a f1.4 105mm Takumar which came with it. That’s the lens I’ve been using. I bought a 200mm Takumar which I suspect is amazing but haven’t used it because of the camera being in the shop, and because with the combined bulk of camera and lens it really requires a tripod….which makes it a whole production. I’d really like to get an 80mm.


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