Roll 16 More cross processing

You may have noticed that there have been quite a few rolls of cross processed slide film in this series. This is because I have (or did have) at lot of this film in my stash, and circumstances have made it impractical to send film out for processing. So I’ve been processing all my own color and since I only have C41 kits and don’t have time to learn E6 right now this leads to a lot of cross processing. Sometimes this produces nearly “normal” results, sometimes the colors are so wildly off as to completely spoil the images, and sometimes you get a happy in between with saturated colors. This roll was expired Fujichrome 100 shot on the Diana. This particular roll turned out pretty “normal” with good but very saturated colors (which I love).

The below images show a building that is just across the alley behind my new home. In years long past it was the water tower for the town, as it sits on what was the highest point in the town as it existed then. Much later (not sure when) someone converted the disused structure into a home. This was clearly done before anyone was enforcing any permit standards in this part of the world. Anyway, about four years ago the elderly lady that lived there passed away and her son sold the structure and the large parcel of land it sat on.

At first we were pleased that a developer bought it, since that would mean they would have to pave our alley when they built. Over time, as the design and permit process dragged on, the abandoned structure became a magnet first for kids throwing rocks through the windows, then for kids congregating secretively late at night. Finally the developers were forced by the city to put up a fence although this hasn’t completely resolved the issues. Anyway, the developers apparently ran out of money and/or gave up and here it still sits, four years later and much the worse for wear.

These are just more “eccentric” properties around town.

Below are more shots of the apparently abandoned house about a block from where I live now. I’m closely watching to see what happens.

2 thoughts on “Roll 16 More cross processing

    • Haha. True. But I’m still enjoying it. I need to figure out how to share it on my website and other place….but who has time?


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