2/52 Pinhole 2

HorizonI’ll start by posting a few digital images of my camera.  It is a Zero Image 6X6.  I like it for the ability to attach a remote shutter cable.  On the back is a small disc that converts a metered reading to my pinhole size of F138.   When I use it the results seem accurate in terms of pinhole accuracy anyway.  It was a week of great fun with this simple box.  It feels good to untether from gear and simplify.


I shot on three different days.  The first day was in Providence, first a few shots of some chairs in a sunflower garden at noon, then some shots at dusk.  These were shot with Kodak Ektar.  The daytime exposures were a couple of seconds.  For the double exposure I did one Mississippi apiece.


On the way to work I snapped a few shots of an overgrown game shop, it seemed fitting for the pinhole.  Then I took a few shots while my wife and I enjoyed the beach across the street from my house.  The phenomenon of brilliant colored streaks of light appeared in a few images.  This is Kodak Portra.  The exposure times were very short, one or two Mississippis.  It is all pretty simple.  Plop the box on the tripod, take a reading, frame things up as best I can, then pray.



And I closed things out with black and white.  Because of the problem of short exposure times I used PanF50.  I ended up with a mirrored double exposure and have no idea how I did it.


2 thoughts on “2/52 Pinhole 2

  1. I’m gonna have to experiment one of these days with a pinhole, these are really nice images. Do you develop the color too?


  2. Hi Andre, it is a lot of fun. Sure makes the camera bag lighter! Yes, I develop the color with Unicolor C-41 kit. It’s easy but very temperature dependent. Scanning is a bit of a challenge (I use Silverfast) but the nits can be fixed easily in Lightroom. The biggest issue I have is sometimes having a magenta cast on the images. It’s probably from not having good temperature control. I use a small cheap rotary processor I got on ebay and the results are more even for color. I put the chemicals in at 102 or so. Since the processing time is only 3.5 minutes, temperature drop is not a big concern. Sometimes I start it at 104. As the developer exhausts development time must be increased.


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