35 / 52 rolls….

It was a flea market day today and there it was on the shelf…an Olympus 35 SP rangefinder….It was in great shape and clean, just had to have it…luckily I had a roll of 35mm Kodak TX with me so I shot away …..was on the way home from Raynham Flea Market so I headed to Dighton State Park…………here are the results……

I think this was an amazing little find for $45…….also picked up a polaroid pro pack for $10,just needs some cleaning up.Not a bad day…Thanks for looking,Peace

3 thoughts on “35 / 52 rolls….

    • I had brought my Nikon fm with me and an extra roll of film incase…also at that flea market I bought 2 rolls of Kodak film expired…1989… for $1 each… I’m not really into color film and I wouldn’t know where to send it , any ideas?


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