Wedding Instax

I attended a wedding over the weekend, and shot some Instax Wide.   People loved it.  There are still so many people who don’t know that instant film is available, and affordable.  I really enjoy turning people onto it.

I shot a few packs.

When scanning these, I’ve found that if you darken the blacks, it hides some of the blotchy-ness you see in shadows.   Raising the mid-tones makes for better scans too.

Here’s some of the better ones.



Tray of delicious pork, held by a pig.



The cake was amazing.

It was a super fun event.  Many people stayed overnight in RVs and tents.  This was in Forks, Washington, where they filmed the movie Twilight (never seen it).

This weekend, camping, I’ll finish off the roll left over from Burning Man, in the Lomo 120 LC-A.

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