2017 – Roll 51: Yorkshire Sculpture Park

A very brief trot around one of my favourite places with the ladies and a very expired roll of Velvia 100F. It was a dull, cloudy day and so the slide film struggled a bit, especially as I scanned them myself, and dislike the process at the best of times, let alone when colours are changing because of poor light.

But I got a couple of pictures that I like…

M6 Velvia 100F005

Inside James Turrell’s Skyspace, one of my most favourite places on earth!

M6 Velvia 100F021M6 Velvia 100F026M6 Velvia 100F024


M6 Velvia 100F030M6 Velvia 100F028M6 Velvia 100F035

M6 Velvia 100F039

By the time we were home, the sun was out, Emily was paddling and the Velvia could do its thing.


Leica M6, 35mm Summicron-M ASPH, Fujifilm Velvia 100f (expired 2006), processed by AG Photolab and scanned badly by me.

3 thoughts on “2017 – Roll 51: Yorkshire Sculpture Park

  1. Wonderful sculpture to photograph. An over cast day is a wonderful time to shoot objects that would be too contrasty under a clear sky. One trick is to frame your shot so that it doesn’t feature any sky. So more in close or use an unusual angle such as the last image.

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  2. Wow, what a cool place. After travel to the Azores it’s hard for me to gain inspiration from my home surroundings. I shot 4 rolls of Velvia 50, all I had was the small Voigtlander meter on my M3. I know Velvia is finicky. Rolls sent to the lab (too lazy to develop) and I hope at least a few are properly exposed. I love the image of the octopus. Fantastic sharpness in all of the images. They have the Velvia fingerprint through and through.

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