2017: Roll 66 – #DeltaDefJam

A trip to the Nottingham Contemporary gallery to see the excellent ‘States of America’ show coincided with the first shoot week of the Emulsive Film #DeltaDefJam, so I took along my Leica and a roll of Ilford Delta 100 Pro…Photo 18-09-2017, 6 56 14 pmPhoto 18-09-2017, 6 58 09 pmPhoto 18-09-2017, 6 59 14 pm

It was a nice day, the girls were away and so I was in no rush. I took a bit of time to hang around in the square in front of the town hall and pretended that I was some sort of street shooter.

Photo 18-09-2017, 7 07 19 pmPhoto 18-09-2017, 7 33 31 pm

Photo 18-09-2017, 7 43 13 pmPhoto 18-09-2017, 7 47 18 pm (1)

The next #DeltaDefJam shoot week starts on Monday 2nd October, so why not get involved? You can shoot any short of Ilford Delta, from 100pro through to the superfast 3200. Just use up the roll during the week, processing it during the following week and then post on Twitter (using #DeltaDefJam) from the 16th.

Then, my fellow judges and I will pick out the best submissions and create a shortlist of the best work.

3 thoughts on “2017: Roll 66 – #DeltaDefJam

  1. Interesting that given the time being documented the ‘States of America’ show doesn’t appear to have any African American Photographers. I’ll have to leave that comment on their site……

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