Camping Instax

I swear, I’ll post my actual film photos soon.  I’m just now sending a box of 16 rolls of 120 off for developing.  Meanwhile,  Instax.

Camping with friends last weekend.   Instax is so fun, and almost no one knows that instant photos are possible these days, and affordable.  People are usually surprised to see them.


Me in my goldfish suit.



Enjoying watching herself develop



Dressed like a scuba diver, his tank was filled with champagne.


Squirting champagne into people’s mouths.

I also shot a few rolls with the Lomo 120 LC-A, and the Pentacon Six.  Those will be developed in a few days.

2 thoughts on “Camping Instax

  1. Instax looks pretty good. I think better than the old Polaroids. Excellent. You’ve almost convinced me that I should get one.


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