52 Rolls Week 36:52

A Visit to Heart Mountain Relocation Center.  Or at least that’s the official name.  I prefer internment camp………

Upper Left: wall from one of the remaining barracks; The Flag at the Visitor’s Center;

A Meditation Room inside the Visitor’s Center.

Senator Inouye was a highly decorated WWII veteran who defended this country in Europe while his family remained confined at Heart Mountain. The Heart Mountain Veteran’s Memorial, and Heart Mountain (top image). He was also famously a member of the Senate Watergate Committee.

See More Images Here.

Tech Info: Mamiya & with 50 mm lens; Ilford SFX-200 Infrared Sensitive Film; Developed and scanned by Old School Photo Lab.

3 thoughts on “52 Rolls Week 36:52

  1. We move on to lighter subjects this week. I’m posting my road trip through Wyoming in reverse order…..We started in the Tetons and ended at Heart Mountain…….Guess where we went in between those two places?

    And yes, I remember the Watergate Hearings. We were assigned to watch after school for our social studies class…..


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