7/52 Doors and Windows, Ponta DelGada Acores

Just returned from a trip to this wonderful place.  I developed 4 rolls of film and the rest are off to the lab.  Here are a few shots from

the beautiful alleyways of the city.  I decided to pack light and took the Contax T2 the source of these images, along with a Leica M3 and one lens (50) and a medium format camera that I ended up not using much – lesson learned.  The T2 is a great travel camera, meter off of the shadows and the camera takes care of the rest well.  While there is DX coding only, a simple turn of the exposure compensation button does the trick to rate the film differently.  The island is a beautiful and warm place.  I never felt unsafe and the people do not seem averse to intrusion from an inquisitive photographer.

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