Rolls 21 and 22 Neighborhood explorations continue, and a quick trip to LA

I didn’t mean for this to turn into a huge project when I started the idea but now I am really getting into documenting all this stuff. Especially since it is disappearing almost faster than I can photograph it. The first of these two was shot on Lomography Color xpro 200, on the Holga. I love this shot because it clearly illustrates what’s going on. The main photo is an older, dumpy house just waiting to rot a bit more before changing hands. In the window (which is barred for no apparent reason since this is not a high crime area) you can see a reflection of the giant twinhomes (attached homes) under construction across the street. These monstrosities occupy most of the lot, and will sell individually for upwards of $1.5 million


Here are some more typical alley scenes. The trailer has been sitting there so long the tire has not only gone flat but sunk completely into the mud over the years.

I love this one because it looks like someone’s ski chalet. By the beach. My older daughter used to be friends with a girl who lived here but I never saw the rear of the house. The front looks like a little Swiss gingerbread house.


This one I took for the colors. If I had a wheelbarrow that color I might actually use it.


Roll 22 was Portra 400 shot on the Holga. Once again, Holga surprised me with her unexpected talents. The first shots were more of my town.

This one was taken in a neighborhood across the freeway where the original homes are somewhat newer (60s and 70s) and many have been remodeled and upgraded, but some have been allowed to run down.


The rest of the roll was shot on a quick trip to LA for a concert at the Disney Concert Hall, always a favorite to photograph. This Frank Gehry designed wonder is always different and beautiful, and I was please at how well Holga rendered it.

The last two were really a surprise. The second was taken at Grand Park, in the next block from the concert hall. The “stop motion” on the fountain looks like I had control of the shutter speed, lol. As does the action shot of the skateboarder which I shot more as a “finish the roll” than thinking it would come out.



4 thoughts on “Rolls 21 and 22 Neighborhood explorations continue, and a quick trip to LA

    • Thank you. Miss Holga continues to surprise me. I’m glad I gave her a chance this year. As for the Gehry building, it’s actually the Walt Disney Concert Hall, where the LA Philharmonic plays, among other things. It is as amazing inside as it is outside. I’ve been there many times, sat in dozens of different seats, and in my experience there literally is not a bad seat in the house.


      • Hi, I am in process with a film swap with my friend from New Zealand. Using expired Agfa Precisa 100 slide film. Should be a hoot. Would you like to do a swap? If so, you shoot first and I’ll give you my mailing address. I think you have a Pentax 67, I do too….Kali and I are both using the same camera an Olympus OM….Maybe we will start something new among the participants…We seem to be dwindling…


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