52 Rolls Week 37:52

Starting my posts from our recent trip to Yellowstone National Park:


No Trip is complete without a visit to Old Faithful.


Sunrise at Grand Prismatic Spring.


Fire Hole Lake

See More Posts Here. And more coming next week.  So keep checking the link.

Tech Info:  Mamiya 6X7, Kodak Portra 160 Film; Developed and scanned by Old School Photo Labs.

4 thoughts on “52 Rolls Week 37:52

    • Thank you…..Grand Prismatic Spring was so steamy (it was a cold morning) that I couldn’t get a good ‘traditional’ shot of it. So I had to look around for other photographic options. I like the reflections I captured there too. Will probably get some printed.


      • I live at sea level so I am always awed by the vast expanses of the west. Sao Miguel was beyond beautiful and it is the birthplace of my grandmother. I will be writing an article for the Film Shooters Collective about the trip.


        • We used to live at Sea level near Monterey, California. Very picturesque. That’s where I started seriously working on my photography. Miss it.


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