Ondu pinhole at Burning Man

I brought a 6×12 Ondu pinhole camera in my bin of cameras, and shot a few rolls with it.  I wish I’d shot more.  As usual, the iPhone app Pinhole Assist came in very handy to meter my exposure times, which were all about 1-3 seconds in the bright sun.


Giant bird made of girders and canvas.  The blurs on the right are people arriving on bicycles.


Swing below this hand & heart sculpture.


The namesake of Burning Man.  The whole structure was burned near the end of the event.


The camera was only an inch or two away from this small sculpture. Need to do more macro pinhole.


A few playa weddings happened here.


There was a labyrinth outside the inner structure, inside the flags. The inner structure had benches.


One of a few crazy cars these people brought.


The Temple of Gravity.   Huge slabs of rock suspended by chains.


Agile people could climb up and swing a little on the rocks.

There was too much to see, and I sure wish I’d shot more with this one, but I brought about 14 other cameras, and those needed shooting too.


3 thoughts on “Ondu pinhole at Burning Man

  1. These are great! I have the same Ondu and I love the dreamy quality it produces through the combination of blurring and distortion. You’ve inspired me to throw a roll of color Film in mine and see what happens.


  2. Inspired to do more with my pinholes cameras too! You’ve shown us the artsy and creative side of Burning Man, While showing your own creativity.


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