Wk 37(2017) Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone NP

This is the third roll of color film I made in Yellowstone NP back in August. These images were made at the Grand Prismatic Springs. The crowds had been untenable so we got up early and visited the springs before the crowds. Unfortunately we’d out smarted ourselves, because the air temperature was so cold, the springs were shrouded in steam. Resulting in interesting, but non-traditional images of the springs.


With bracketing there are seven images on this roll. The remaining shots can be found on my new WordPress blog. The air was very smoky the whole trip due to multiple forest fires in Montana and the Pacific Northwest.

All images were made with my Mamiya 6 rangefinder and either 50 mm wide angle lens or the 150 mm telephoto, and recorded on Kodak Professional Portra 160 Color Negative Film. Due to my mistake, everything was shot at one stop over, making an effective EI of 80. Developed by Old School Photo Lab in NH.

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