Lomo LC-A 120 at Burning Man

I heard this camera had, in addition to square format, a wide lens and vignetting that was stylish, so I bought it, before Burning Man.  It’s also a super compact and lightweight way to shoot 120.   It’s really a sharper Holga, with 4 focus zones.   And stronger vignetting.

I was pretty happy with the results.    I shot Kodak Ektar 100 and Fujifilm Reala.   I scanned them and edited in Lightroom, where I gave them some punch and added even a little more vignetting.


This girl had 8 or 10 outfits, and went for walks during the day and night.


Enter a caption


This had some fun projection mapping on it at night.



Bean bag eggs for lounging on.


An art car and its owner.



Maya A



Some friends.


This “downed” plan had flame effects at night.


I really enjoy the shots from this camera, but it does have its drawbacks.  Once you accept them, you may not get so angry and frustrated when using it.

  1. It’s hard to load. The little nubs that fit in top & bottom of the 120 film roll are just a little too tight.  I want to sand them down.  Seriously, just putting the roll in place is a PITA.
  2. It feels light and plastic-y for a $400 camera.  It would be nice if it didn’t feel so cheap.
  3. A little hard to wind.  It could use a better grip.
  4. The way the front opens & closes.   Mine’s a bit broken actually, and I have to make sure the lens guard plastic is open all the way before I shoot.
  5. Easy to knock the focus knob.  And it should go back to infinity when you close the camera.

Other than that, its great.

4 thoughts on “Lomo LC-A 120 at Burning Man

  1. I love these pics. I feel like all you did at BM was take photos. I’m sure that’s not true tho, lol. Thanks for the info on this camera. I’ve been debating getting one but I feel I can do about as well with my two sisters, Diana and Holga, and save the $400.


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