11/52 What’s Swap Doc?

This roll of film began its journey in New Zealand in the hands of my friend Kali.  She has had a great influence on my photography, though I haven’t actually put the influence into practice!  It is more of a mindset of shedding the fear of taking chances through the lens.  This was great fun.  Not only were we shooting slide film but it was expired, leading to uncertainty on my end as to how much to expose.  And it was cross-processed!  Kali recommended box speed but I shot most of the roll at 1 stop under.  I had a wonderful time and a black and white roll will be on its way to the Pacific very soon.


3 thoughts on “11/52 What’s Swap Doc?

  1. Wow. These are beautiful! Letting go of your fear of failure makes Photography so much more fun….even when the result isn’t as stunning as this.


    • Thanks Barbara, it was great fun. My first time and Kali’s also. I will put up a post for contact information so we can start one here. I have your email address. Will email you. I need contact info from espressobuzz and barnaby nutt. L.


  2. Amazing how well these film swap double exposures can work when you have no idea what’s on the rol. i guess that’s the source of the freedom…..


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