Roll 23 Dog Days

This camera has been one of my medium format favorites. However mine was at the doctor for such a long time I almost forgot about it even after I got it back. This roll dates from mid summer when I decided the only way to shoot this camera was to just take it out and shoot like a 35 mm. I walked to a local “dog festival” called cleverly “Dog Days” and proceeded to snap candids of people and, mostly, their dogs from a dogs eye view. Mind you I am (don’t hurt me) NOT a dog person. I don’t even like little dogs much. But I had fun just experiencing the craziness that overtakes some pet owners, and trying to determine if the dogs were having any fun. Anyway, not one person even seemed to notice me and my giant camera. I thought the end result was pretty humorous. These were shot on a bright summer day on Ektar 100 which is definitely going to be on my list of favorites at year end.

Dog days003Dog days006Dog days008Dog days009Dog days011Dog days002


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