Signing Out

To all of the participants in 52 Rolls.  I am signing out of the project.  I have thoroughly enjoyed participating and having he opportunity to see the incredible work of others dedicated to film photography.   Since my first signing on the site has become inundated with advertisements and it has taken the shine off of the experience for me.   All the power to the beneficiaries of this phenomenon, it’s just not for me.   Kindest regards and good luck to all and to our site founder thank you for the opportunity of growth as a photographer from 52 Rolls.   Lou.

5 thoughts on “Signing Out

  1. It bothers my husband too….please leave contact info or link to you website so we can keep up with what you are doing else where. Cheers,


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    • Its hard to ignore when in the middle of reading a post a video hijacks your browser and refuses to let you reposition the window back where you were reading. As much as I dislike many things about blogspot, their ads aren’t so overpowering.


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