4×5 at Rattlesnake Lake

A friend gave me a Calumet view camera recently.   Yesterday, I and some friends went to nearby Rattlesnake Lake (near North Bend, WA) to shoot some 4×5.
Jana had her TravelWide.   Sean had a Speed Graphic, and Dave had a Wista knock-off.

The lake is low these days, so the very old stumps are above the water line.   I’ve swam in this area where all of them were too deep to see from above.

It was a fun day, but my negatives have lots of room for improvement for many reasons.

  1. I’m terrible at inserting/removing film into film holders without scratching it at the edges.
  2. Uneven development.   I agitate for a minute at the beginning, then for 5-10 seconds every minute after that, but still, it’s blotchy in these photos
  3. Need to watch for dust on the scanner better so I don’t get small lines across the whole image
  4. I underexposed all of these.   But that’s just unfamiliarity with the film & camera. I was relying on an iPhone app as a light meter.



Ugh. such uneven skies.


Clearly, I need more practice.

4 thoughts on “4×5 at Rattlesnake Lake

  1. You are right, the streaking is pretty bad in the last few. The earlier ones look ok though. How are you developing these? Tank, tray, something else?

    Also make sure to clean out the film holders. Get some compressed air and blow out the tracks.


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