Weeks 34 – 42: Everyday New Orleans

The following may sound like an excuse, but seriously it isn’t. There are just way too many photos from my summer in New Orleans (60+rolls all medium format) to choose my favourites for a weekly posting.  In an effort to cause myself as little pain as possible you have this massive summary of nine weeks.

We do not “do’ the tourist thing after visiting New Orleans every year for more than 15 years.  Yes, I know that’s a lot of time in New Orleans! These images are a reflection of what I see, in some cases everyday when window shopping or just walking about, making frequent trips to our favourite french bakery for coffee and pastries; and others are simply places that I want to remember.

It’s rather wonderful having New Orleans as a second home where no matter how many months pass before we return, it remains the same.

One thought on “Weeks 34 – 42: Everyday New Orleans

  1. What I most remember about living in New Orleans was the smell. Never took many photos as it was really dangerous pre-Katrina to wander around with a camera………

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